A Japanese wacky invention that I find interesting are the backward-soles, which are soles you can put on your shoes, (so people can’t follow your footsteps). I think these are very interesting and can be used for many things.

Backward-soles would be very useful for people like spies, who do not want to be followed. You could confuse people with your footsteps so they wouldn’t know which way your going. I suppose you could mix up your footsteps even more by walking backwards so your footsteps go foward, if the enemy knew you had Backwards-soles on your shoes.

They would also be useful while playing games like Hide-and-seek, or even better Hide-and-go-seek. People wouldn’t be able to follow your footsteps to your hiding place, or follow your footsteps while chasing you. 


There are some bad points about Backward-soled shoes though. What if something bad happens and you want someone to find you? If you get lost and people are out looking for you,  your footprints would sure help them find you, but if they are facing backwards then  your search party would just get confused and might end up somewhere in the opposite direction from where you are!

What happens if you want to find someone wearing Backwards-soled shoes? You would be the one getting mixed up, and it would be very irritating or worrying for you. They would be fun in a game but in a serious matter they could cause problems. 

Backward-soled shoes, I think, are a great invention and I would love to have a pair.